New Members

Dear New Members:

Congratulations on passing the Civil-Law Notary examination. Below you will find some important information regarding the responsibilities of newly admitted Civil-law Notaries. Whether you were admitted to Alabama or Florida determines the proceedures to be followed. Welcome to NACLN!

You were admitted in Alabama:

Refer to the guidelines set forth on the following page:

You were admitted in Florida:

Contact M&A Stamp at (251) 433-4550 or  to order the Civil-Law notary materials (your personal seal approved by the Florida Department of State; embosser; gold foil seals etc).

Complete the Florida Department of State form DS-DE-42 (instructions). According to Florida Rule 1C-18.001, F.A.C., a Civil-law notary must designate a secondary protocol custodian, who must also be a Florida Civil-law notary (see list of practicing Florida Civil-law Notaries; or list of newly admitted Civil-law Notaries [fix me]. For addresses and phone numbers of Florida Civil-law Notaries please contact NACLN). Mail the form to:

Florida Department of State
Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

The Civil-law Notary appointment is for life, subject to compliance with Florida statute and rule and completion of the annual report. Download the Annual Report form DS-DE-39 [fix me]. The Department of State will remind you when the report needs to be filed.

Please address questions to NACLN

Telephone: (850) 577-9114